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Eine Shutters

In 2006 Electrik Sheep held a solo exhibition of Eine’s work. As a result a few of Newcastle shutters were given a makeover. A small bit of info on the show and some photos can be found on Electrik Sheep’s website (keep scrolling and you’ll come across it).

Below is a map of all the Eine shutters in Newcastle which still remain and the buffed ones. Click on the blue pegs to see which letter it represents. May take a few moments to load.


Alive and kicking

Below are photos of all the remaining Eine shutters in Newcastle with written description of there location (refer to the map above for a more exact location);


Located on the shutters of Electrik Sheep, Pink Lane. If you want to see this you’ll obviously have to come before they open or after they close.



Located on the side of Mr Q’s off license, on Pink Lane just up from Electrik Sheep. Always down from what i remember.


Letters now buffed

Unfortunately the following shutters have now been all painted over, but to keep the trail complete I’ll still tell you where they were.


Located near the intersection of West Gate Rd and Clayton St (see the map at the bottom of the page for exact location).


I & A

Located on Cross St, just off West Gate Rd.



Located at the bottom of Pink Lane opposite Gotham Town bar.



Located at the bottom of Pink Lane opposite Gotham Town bar, right beside the C.

If you need any help don’t hesistate to drop me a message over on my contact page and I’ll try get back to you asap.

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