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September 3, 2010

If you’re not on Electrik Sheep’s mailing list then you may not have heard about the new show which opens next week;

MiTHER TUNG opens Thursday 6th September at 6pm with one of Electrik Sheep’s famous street parties and will run for a month.

Buckets of discarded Victoriana feed FiST’s dirty habit: renovating the dead with graffiti-esque meanderings. Intricate lines adorn century-old anonymous portraiture. Faces are covered with lace-like masks and bodies ornated with cobwebbed clothing. The elegance of the static Victorian gaze contrasts with mutant weaponry and bulbous appendages that sprout like cyborgian add-ons.

The practice of FiST is more akin to sculpture than any other artistic tradition. It is associated with dirty things, with rummaging and digging through  the buried and the dust-covered. Paint and line are laid and sprayed and dripped on fragments of yesteryear – on wood and photograph, signage and cabinet. Through this can be glimpsed a future for our own redundant image, buried in digital archives.

FiST certainly has some interesting work so defo worth a visit if you’re in two minds.

Keep an eye on for more info.

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