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Modern Toss – The North East Felt Tip Shit House

August 13, 2010

A new show at Lazarides Newcastle is due to run from 3rd September 2010 through to 30th October 2010 featuring Modern Toss.

Bit info on the artists from the Laz site;

International cult cartoonists and creators of the Modern Toss Channel 4 TV series are bringing their unique brand of precision swearing and stylishly cak-handed drawing to the Lazarides gallery in Newcastle this September for an unmissable, ground-breaking exhibition of their artwork.

The scurrilously inventive satirists behind Mr Tourette and the Drive-by Abuser invite you along to witness their incredible range of top notch, limited edition prints, interactive art pieces and assorted, hilarious paraphernalia from the Toss Cabinet of Shit-Naks.

Expect some special treats – including their impressively researched ‘Periodic Table Of Swearing’ print, now adapted for use as a working fruit machine. The ever controversial Mr Tourette master signwriter will also be tackling the big issues with a new print illustrating his incisive summing up of the international
banking crisis.

Modern Toss claim they will be concentrating even harder on addressing contemporary themes with this exhibition, so get yourself down there and check out their ‘Buy More Shit or We’re All Fucked’ shopping bags, a wall-friendly selection of superb ‘Space Argument’ prints and some highly collectible dirty pictures, hand-stitched in wool by enthusiastic mature ladies.


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