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Belsay Hall – Extraordinary Measures

August 13, 2010

A while back we went up to Belsay Hall to see the much talked about “Extraordinary Measures” show. If you’ve not been yet, make sure you get up there before the summer is out.

Few thoughts and photos follow.


First time I’d been up to Belsay Hall and it’s certainly a lovely and interesting setting to host an art exhibition.

Slinkachu had apparently been to Belsay last year to install and photograph his miniature models. For me this was the only part of the show that did not work and this was a shame as it was his name that had initially brought me to the exhibition. The photos just felt out of place and quite boring in comparison to others pieces at the show. To have made it more exciting the models should have been left in situe with some kind of protective casing around them and the photo left beside it, but logistically I’ve no idea how this would be accomplished bearing in mind the locations of the photos.

Ron Mueck’s work was housed in the derelict old hall. Such a great setting for his work.

Was totally taken aback by Ron’s work. Absolutely superb and the first time I’d seen his work in the flesh. Unfortunately these were the only photos I managed to get, as even though there were no “No Photos” signs I was asked to stop taking pictures. Other than the two below and photo in the header of the post, there were two more pieces in the show.

Out in the quarry/gardens Mariele Neudecker had installed a huge glass doorway. Walking up to it the glass reflected but once you got closer the glass allowed you to see through it.

Tessa Farmer’s work was probably by favourite from the show. Really imaginative and keeps you looking all over her piece’s to see if you can spot anything else going on. The work shows a battle between small skeletal winged creatures attacking small rodents, killing, skinning and also controlling them with reins etc. Tessa had also on show an accompanying animation which brought her work to life in a short film.

The show is due to run until 26th September.

For more information check out the official website here.

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