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The Hoults Yard Project

June 29, 2010

So the peeps over at Electrik Sheep have managed to get a load of wall space at Hoults Yards for various big name artists to come and paint on. Bit blurb from the website;

What started out as an opportunity for an exhibiting artist to paint freely on a large scale, in an amazing setting, has quickly turned into something much more.

After a quick tour of the yard and realising just HOW much scope the place has, we decided to turn it into something much bigger, we’re overwhelmed at some of the artists who are getting involved… watch this space.

Exciting stuff eh!!

Just check the list of names that have confirmed to do a piece at the yards;

  • Kid Acne. Who has actually been in the region this past week doing his piece. Here’s a shot of the wall about half complete (the wall is now complete, so if you wanna see it either go see it or check the site at the bottom of the post for loads of photos);

  • Eine
  • Eelus
  • C215
  • Remi/Rough
  • System
  • Prefab77
  • Mac1
  • Insa
  • and more to be announced…

Big names on that list and I can’t wait to see what they do with the space! I’m particularly excited to see a fresh new piece by Eine in the north east 🙂

Keep checking for more info.

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