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The not so ‘Urban proof’ Nissan

March 11, 2010

So If you were in Newcastle city centre on Friday/Saturday and walked along Grey St, you may have seen this;

Nissan Newcastle

Well it was an advertisement for the new Nissan car (one in the middle) in which they were trying to claim it was ‘Urban proof’. The other cars representing bad things that can happen if you leave your car in the city or some kind of similar drivel.


So the ‘Urban proof’ Nissan lasted Friday, Friday night and the Saturday day time. But at some point on Saturday evening somebody decided to go and throw a tin of ink/paint all over the Nissan – haha. Not so ‘Urban proof’.

Newcastle Nissan

From what I’ve heard, the persons reason behind it was simply to prove that the Nissan was not ‘Urban Proof’. Point proven I say.

Looks Like someone has even tried to write onto the side of it too!

Nissan Newcastle

Anyway, thought I’d share that with you all as I found it quite amusing 🙂

Photos were courtesy of Les Bessant’s Flickr.

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  1. March 11, 2010 11:09 pm

    it would have been awesome if someone had stolen it!!

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