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Redbull Streetstyle

October 11, 2009

Spent the afternoon yesterday hanging around at The Baltic. Redbull were hosting a round of the Streetstyle football competition (where they do the tricks etc) there. To accompany the event it had been arranged that some local artists do live drawing. Read more to see my shots of the event.


The live art was split into 2 groups of artists each working on separate boards, which would eventually end up at Chillingham Rd Metro station.

Artists included were; Creative Ginger, Otick, Castro, The Cloud Commission, Malark, Vigo and 3 others but i never caught there names/alias’s. So if anyone knows, let me know so I can credit.

Here are some work in progress shots from the event;


…and the other board;

Fucking crazy’ man. How people can draw like this I’ll never know.

Was a right treat to be invited down to this.

*Update* Harra over on Flickr now has some shots of the boards at Chillingham road here and here.


Anyway, here’s a shot of what the event was all about. Some lads doing freestyle football, clever stuff.

For more photos from this event please check out my Flickr page here.

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