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Lazarides: Mode 2

September 26, 2009

Shots and thoughts on Mode 2’s latest exhibition at Lazarides.

Please only continue to read on if you are over 18, if not, then turn around now, ha. The content is quite explicit.


Well, what can I say, Mode 2 is a real talent. What a show. The work in the basement of Lazarides was quite simply superb.

If you get a chance get down and see it.

This is what Lazarides have to say;

Widely considered to be one of the most influential street artists ever, Mode 2 continues to push eroticism in his gallery work, often quite explicitly, while trying to keep men and women engaged in an egalitarian dialogue about sexuality.

Besides new paintings, a selection of Mode’s sketches will be on display in the ground floor of the gallery, something of a first for Mode, as he’s never before allowed us to look behind his more public painting work.

Well here ya go, some photos of the show;

When you got up close to the cardboard each of the pieces were different, as in they were not all from a single piece of cardboard. They were several pieces of cardboard arranged in a way so that the corrugated lines in the card could compliment the piece in question. Clever.


Couple of Bast wood blocks out the back too. Pretty meh if I’m honest;

I’ve definitely seen better Bast pieces.

To see more photos from the show please check out my Flickr page here.

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