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Opus: Pop Crime

August 15, 2009

The latest show at the Opus gallery is ‘Pop Crime’. Featuring artists SheOne and Crash.

What Opus have to say;

SHEONE has a unique brand of abstract art that is rooted in the new wave graffiti era of early 80s New York, but his trademark expressive strokes put him firmly in the present – with an of-the-moment style that has caused fashion brands such as KSwiss to collaborate with the artist. SHEONE’s paintings are splattered and sprayed, but with a deliberate story behind the spills on the canvas. The works display a personal shorthand, relaying years of careful mark making. As well as his canvas works, SHEONE has a reputation for creating complex installation paintings – often in very large and unruly spaces.

CRASH was born in New York’s Bronx. As part of the city’s prolific graffiti movement, CRASH was discovered through the murals that he painted on subway cars, basketball courts, and walls of New York buildings. The artist’s bright, bold work – markedly influenced by Lichtenstein – has decorated guitars belonging to the likes of Eric Clapton, as well as formed the basis for international advertising campaigns – such as Absolut Vodka. His work has become symbolic of New York street culture, and manages to capture and convey the energy of this urban movement.

Crash original paintings;

SheOne original paintings;

The SheOne mini;

Pop Crime runs from the 7th August until the 31st August.

For more of my photos from this show check out my Flickr.

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