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Lazarides: Angel41 – Cult

June 26, 2009

The new show at Lazarides, Newcastle features the artist Angel41. The exhibition was held in the basement, whilst a selection of prints were hung at ground level and the gallery now also boasts a short film cinema in the basement.

Here is what Lazarides have to say about Angel41;

Manchester based Angel 41 makes his debut in Lazarides Newcastle basement with a series of mixed media paintings: urban scriptures, annotations and prophecies reflected through a deranged mirror, trapped under layers of paint. Working predominately with acrylic and emulsion, Angel 41 also uses mixed media in his work, sourcing and tearing snippets of throw away culture. At first glance, these relics of our time appear deeply sinister, but look closer and you will discover glimpses of pure emotion, dark humour and irony. Textured layers merge with flashes of typography and imagery, forming strange hybrids which reflect the modern urban landscapes that surround our lives.

Below are a selection of my photos of the show.

Each canvas comprised of mixed media; including paint, torn paper/newspaper/magazine and the work in my eye’s was highly influenced by David Choe and some elements of Antony Micallef. However, it was nice to come to a Lazarides show and actually be able to afford to purchase one of these canvas’s if I so wished; as from what I remember most of them were up for around £180.

All in all it was a good show and always great to be introduced to a new artist.

The show is open now and will close at the end of July.

For more of my photos from this show please check out my flickr set.

So now for some details on updates to the Lazarides gallery at Newcastle.

In the basements far back room you’ll come across the cinema room, showing short films from Blu and JR.

A huge selection of prints are now available, ranging from vintage propaganda to Banksy, JR, and Blu to name but a few. A fantastic way to display, if only I could do this in my flat 😉

Books and other miscellany can be found in the back room on the ground floor.

For more details on Lazarides Newcastle, head over to

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