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Banksy vs Bristol Musuem

June 15, 2009

Although Banksy is (probably) no way nearly related to the north east, being a fan I can’t not talk about the new show, especially since I was lucky enough to go see it on the opening day. If you fancy reading more, seeing some photos of the show and of my favourite pieces, just hit read more.



As you enter the museum you are greeted by some masterpiece statues which have been brought into the 21st century. Such as Michelangelo’s David now being equipped with suicide vest and a now homeless Venus de Milo.

Sweets for the kids, lol.

Banksy has also created a real replica of his beaten Buddha, which was first seen at the Cans Festival in May of last year.

Banksy in Africa

One thing we found out at this exhibition, is that Banksy traveled to Africa. An unpublicised trip and only now have photos started to come about.

*Update* From first hand experiences it sounds as though the below pieces are located in Mali and that many have now gone. It is also believed they were done around January/February of this year.


The studio. Probably one of my favourite parts of the whole exhibition. There was so so much to look at, I particularity liked seeing the old stencils and of course the granny knitted ‘thug for life’ cardy.

A collage mock up of Nola. Which is one of my fave images. It came through as a fantastic print and looked fantastic on the street (New Orleans).

Oil paintings-

Upstairs amongst the museums normal art collection, Banksy has placed various remixes of old classics and a few of his own classic oil painting from back in 2006.

Banksy & Hirst-

Another collaboration between Banksy and Hirst. Cheap (from what I’ve heard) at only £500,000 – nice 😉

*Update* I actually never noticed until now that the rat has a shadow. Clever indeed.


Throughout the museum Banksy has hidden some pieces of his work. You’ll come across them in the most unlikely of places.

For example; in the section of the museum which is dedicated to porcelain/pottery/cups/saucers (that kinda thing) from all around the world, sat on one shelf, amongst all the other shite, is this;

Class 🙂

There is also a whole part of the museum dedicated to his pet shop. Which is good and very clever, but not my cup of tea. To see some photos of that just click the link below to more photos of the event.

All in all, probably the best exhibition I’ve yet to go to.

For my photos of the event check out my Flickr.

The exhibition is running from June 13th until August 31st and can be located at the Bristol Museum on Queens Road.

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